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Advancement Data and Analytics

This department will oversee biographical data entry (including feeds), data maintenance and data integrity, requests for information and exports, and internal and external reporting and analysis for Advancement. This department will also manage the work of the advancement systems work study students and introductory training for RE users both within and outside of Advancement.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Maintenance and improvement of the various offerings the university provides alumni and donors to interact with, view, contribute and update their own data
  • Training of university staff for the front-facing, vendor-provided data systems that support online alumni and donor engagement
  • Training of university staff for the e-mail communication tools staff use to communicate with alumni and donors
  • Coordination of advancement's database of record with the front-facing, vendor-provided data systems serving alumni and donors
  • Partnerships with offices throughout the university community to help provide and enhance services for alumni and other constituents