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Information provided from Advancement data sources is generally to be treated as confidential and may be subject to state and federal privacy protections. Information may be used only for purposes stated in the request and approved by the University of Richmond. Use for any unauthorized purpose, including but not limited to transmission to an unauthorized third party or use for any private, commercial, or political purpose is strictly prohibited. 

Please allow a minimum of three weeks for your request to be processed.


  1. Fill out the request overview, report criteria, and output detail sections below. Items marked with * are required. Please be as specific as possible in defining the report. This will help us meet your specific needs in the quickest time possible.
  2. Output will normally be provided in a Microsoft Excel compatible format as an e-mail attachment.
  3. Make your request to Advancement Data Services by pressing the Submit button. You will receive an automated e-mail response confirming your request has been submitted. We will contact you to request additional information as needed.
  4. Please contact Sarah Mansell at x6583 or if you have any questions.
Requestor Information
* Requested By: * Phone:
* Department: * Email Address:

Request Overview

*Request Title (What are you going to call this request when you ask about it?)
*Request Purpose (What will this information be used for?)

*Request Type

Record Count Only    
Is this information intended for a mailing/e-mailing? Yes No
If yes:
  Will this be:

Mail Email
  When will this be sent?
  Did University Communications author or design your material(s)?
  If University Communications did not work on your material(s),
   who authored and/or designed?
When you request standard output, if University Communications did not create your material(s), we request that you email a PDF (or word file if your material is copy and not design related) of your piece(s) to University Communications, for compliance review to University written and graphic style guides. Please allow five business days for review.
Information will be used for solicitation (please contact Heather Krajewski at x8763)
*Date needed:
I have requested this information before.
Approximate Date of Previous Request:

Report Selection Criteria
Relationship to the University (please check any that apply)


Alumni, Degree (ALUM) Faculty (FACT)
Alumni, Non-Degreed (ATTD) Staff (STAF)
Alumni, Honorary (HONR) Retired Faculty (FACR)
Student (STUD) (primarily undergraduate) Retired Staff (STFR)
Parent of Student (PARC) Spouse of Alumnus/a (SPOU)
Parent of Alumnus/a (PARP) Giver (No Other Relationship) (GIVR)
Grandparent of Student (GPAC) Non-Giver (No Other Relationship) (NGVR)
Grandparent of Alumnus/a (GPAR) Trustee (TRUS)


Corporation(CORP) Corporate Fundations (CFDN)
Foundation (FOUN) Consortium (CONS)
Family Foundation (FFOU) Religious Group (RELI)
Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) Other Group (GRPO)


All Undergraduate (A, B, J, R, W)    
   Arts & Sciences (A) Richmond College (R)
   Robins School of Business (B) Westhampton College (W)
   Jepson School of Leadership Studies (J)    
All Graduate, Professional    
   School of Professional and Continuing Studies (C) Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (G)
   Graduate School of Professional and Continuing Studies (D) Graduate School of Leadership Studies (K)
   University College (E) Graduate School of Business (M)
   School of Law (L)    

Class Years


Degree Information (Specify major, department, etc.)


Geographic Location

Any Canada
United States International


Confidential Active Employees
Deceased Active Students
No contact by mail or by phone (NC) No Solicitation (NS)
No Mailings (NM) No Solicitation this FY (NSF)
No Invitations (NI) No Phone Solicitation (NPS)
No UR Magazine (NMG) Special Solicitation Exclusion (SPC)
No Phone Contact (NPC) No Outside UR Solicitation (NO)
No Email (NE)    

Donor Status

Current Fiscal Year Donor    
LYBUNT (Gave last fiscal year, not this fiscal year)  
SYBUNT, gave in fiscal years:  
Donor Between these dates::  
  Include in Determining Donor Status    
   Outright Gifts Include Spouse
   Pledge Payments Included indirect (Facilitated)
   Pledges Include Matching
Other Donor Criteria (specify donors to college, department, designation, designation type, gift size, etc.)
Other Selection Criteria (specify prospect status, assignment, gift club, activities, job category, gender, etc.)

Output Detail

Standard Output (Includes UR ID, Last Name, Middle Name, Suffix, Prefix, Donor Categories, UR Class Years, UR Schools, Deceased, Confidential, Active Employee, Active Student)

Mailing Information

Preferred Address (Mailing Address, Phone, Cell Phone, E-mail, Company, Position as appropriate)
Home Address (Mailing Address, Phone, Cell Phone, E-mail)
Business Address (Company, Position, mailing Address, Phone, Cell Phone, E-mail)
Campus Address

Spouse Mailing Information

Individual (two records per couple if both selected)
Joint (one record per couple regardless)

Combined Name Information

  Include spouse name whenever it is known
  For alumni, include spouse name only when spouse is also an alum
  For alumni, include spouse name only when spouse has her/his own relationship to University (alum, parent, faculty, staff etc.)


Formal Casual

Family Information

Spouse Name UR Class Years, UR Colleges Spouse Employment

Gift Information

(Standard gift information includes selected outright gifts, pledges, pledge payments, memo credit, total commitments, & total receipts)
Donor Totals ("individual" level)    
Other Information

Special Instructions

If necessary, describe any special criteria, circumstances, or handling requirements not easily expressed above.


* Treat this information as confidential and use it only for the University-related purpose specified above.
* Not retain mailing information once the specified use has been completed.
* Only to use mailing information for mailings to take place within 30 days after information has been received and request updated information for any subsequent mailings.
*Provide Advancement Services with any address updates or other demographic information arising from this activity.
* Requestors Initials: