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Class Agents

The University relies on a team of dedicated class agents to help us reach alumni and amplify our message about the critical importance of giving back to Richmond. Class Agents are able to connect with hundreds of classmates, teammates and UR friends each year. We deeply appreciate the time, energy and leadership of these volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a Class Agent, please contact Caroline Steadman, Assistant Director for Class Giving.

Responsibilities/Expectations of a Class Agent

  • Make an annual gift to the University of Richmond. We ask that you make your gift or pledge no later than December 31 of each year. It is always easier and more powerful to ask others to “join you” in giving back. The amount of your gift and the area of support are entirely up to you. Consider a recurring gift, which is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to support Richmond. 
  • With assistance from your staff liaison, reach out to classmates to educate them about the importance of giving back and solicit their annual support. You may do this in two ways: (1) Select 10-20 classmates to solicit in advance of calendar year end (December 31) and an additional 10-20 classmates to solicit in advance of Richmond’s fiscal year end (June 30). Your liaison will help you make selections and provide contact information and sample ask scripts. (2) Host a luncheon or happy hour (paid for by UR) for classmates. Ideally, you will invite 10-15 friends to come, and your staff liaison will offer remarks and answers questions about giving back to Richmond.
  • Spread the word about ways to get involved with the University and give back. Examples include coming back to campus for Homecoming or Reunion, attending regional alumni events, if offered in your area, sharing UR news on social media and promoting special efforts such as Giving Tuesday, Battle for the Capital and School Challenges.
made a gift during the Campaign for Richmond
raised by alumni during the campaign
raised from parents and grandparents during the campaign