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Donor Relations

Our goal is to cultivate positive and enduring relationships with University donors by expressing sincere appreciation for their contributions and informing them about the impact and results of their giving. Our stewardship activities are intended to encourage new and lifelong generosity to the University of Richmond.

Ed Barnes

I had done well in my practice, and I attributed that to my education at the law school. I felt like I owed it. It was time to give back.

Ed Barnes, L’72

Bob Allen

The University of Richmond did a lot for me in providing me an opportunity to earn a degree. Through our scholarship, we would like to provide an opportunity for somebody to come here and earn a degree that’s meaningful. The scholarship is about leaving something that will last in perpetuity to help students over the years to come.

Bob Allen, R′66

Ellis Dunkum

I could not have attended the University of Richmond without scholarships. My support of the University is because I appreciate what I received, and want to help the University of Richmond provide financial assistance to those who need it so they too can come to this fine University.

Ellis Dunkum, B’59

Burrell Stultz

We kept close contact with our scholarship student during all four years. She graduated this past year and she said, “I just want you all to know how much I appreciate this, and I want to make you proud.”

Burrell Stultz, W’55

John Stultz

There are a lot of people who deserve an education, but cannot afford it. It’s so important that the University of Richmond says, “If you don’t have the money, but you have the brains, come on!”

John Stultz, B’58

I can’t think of a better investment. Being able to support young people as they are going to school and after they have left school — why wouldn’t I want to support that effort in any way that I can?

Janice Moore, L’81

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