Honoring Ronald A. and Betty Neal Crutcher

With the announcement of President Crutcher's forthcoming retirement, many friends, parents, and alumni of the university have expressed interest in making gifts to honor the Crutchers' work and significant achievements during his time as president of the University of Richmond.

The Crutchers have devoted their lives and careers to creating opportunities for dialogue across lines of difference. As President, Dr. Crutcher has also worked tirelessly to increase access to and the affordability of a University of Richmond education. In keeping with these values, gifts in their honor may be made to one or both of the following opportunities:

  • The Dialogue and Inclusion Fund, which provides direct support to the university’s efforts to foster an equitable, inclusive, and skilled community.
  • The Dr. Ronald A. and Dr. Betty Neal Crutcher Scholarship, created by an alumni and parent couple in the fall of 2020, which provides support to first-generation students with financial need.