Donor Spotlights

Marshall Ervine is pictured with his wife Elsa and Dr. E Bruce Heilman. All are smiling.
Marshall Ervine (center) with his wife Elsa and Dr. E. Bruce Heilman

W. Marshall Ervine

Marshall is a member and course leader in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies (SPCS). In 2017, Marshall established the Dr. Patricia J. Brown Scholarship.

Dr. Brown worked at SPCS for more than 20 years as Associate Dean and Senior Associate Dean of Academic Programs. Brown has dedicated her life to the field of lifelong education, having served as commissioner of the Commission of Leadership and Management of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association. She has also been a dedicated community volunteer, a role model for the students, and believer in the "learning by doing" philosophy. She was founder of the Richmond Recreation and Park Foundation (now Enrichmond Foundation) that promotes citizen involvement, education, and fundraising for the City of Richmond. She has traveled as an educator and volunteer to Santa Catarina, Brazil numerous times through Virginia Partners of the Americas to work with children, teachers, and administrators on the empowerment of people with disabilities. She served as president of Partners from 1994 to 1997 and has been appointed by the Governor of Virginia to serve on the Brown vs. Board of Education Scholarship Award Commission.

Alicia Curry, W'91, smiles directly at the camera.
Alicia J. Curry, W’91

Alicia J. Curry, W'91

A financial aid recipient herself, Alicia Curry deeply understands the importance of scholarships at Richmond. She earned degrees from UR in English and speech communication in 1991. Alicia works for UBS Financial Services as global head of thought leadership. She and her husband Lance live in New York and have three children, Conor, Peyton, and Shannon.

When giving to Richmond, Alicia often supports financial aid, ensuring that future students have the same opportunities at Richmond that she did. “I was able to attend Richmond thanks to the school’s generous financial aid package," she said. "Qualified students from all walks of life should have the same chance, not just students with means. The Undergraduate Scholarship Fund can make that happen.”

Thomas Patteson, R'67,  looks confidently & directly into the camera. He is wearing wire frame glasses, and props his chin on this hand.
Dr. Thomas E. Patteson III, R’67

Dr. Thomas E. Patteson III, R'67

Thomas E. Patteson III graduated from Richmond College in 1967 with a degree in Chemistry. Dr. Patteson’s father had attended Richmond College for two years, but had to leave to when his own father became ill, as he was the oldest son.

In 2017, Dr. Patteson established the Thomas E. Patteson, Jr. and Dr. James T. Tucker Memorial Scholarship in memory of his father (Thomas E. Patteson, Jr.) and his cousin and mentor (Dr. James T. Tucker, R’23). After attending Richmond, Dr. Tucker went on to become an orthopedic surgeon, and he served on Richmond’s Board of Trustees for nearly 40 years.

About his education at Richmond, Dr. Patteson wrote, "My professors were first rate and I received an excellent education with a B.S. in Chemistry which prepared me well for medical school. I received my M.D. in 1971 and also completed an internship, medical residency, and Gastroenterology fellowship. I enhanced my social and intellectual skills while at UR and made many lasting friendships."