Creating an Endowed Fund

Donors may work with University Advancement to establish a fund that aligns with the donor’s philanthropic interests, such as a scholarship or faculty chair. Contributions are invested by Spider Management and, each year, a portion of the fund’s value is withdrawn to support the purpose specified by the donor. Earnings in excess of this withdrawal amount remain invested, building the fund’s value to ensure that your gift continues to provide meaningful support for many years to come. To ensure that your endowment has the impact that you intended far into the future, each type of fund has an associated minimum gift level. In this way, your endowment will continue to grow and provide support in perpetuity.

When an endowed fund is established, a permanent legacy of support is created for UR; behind each gift is a personal motivation—to repay a debt of gratitude for your own education, to honor a loved one, or to make a positive impact on society.

An endowed fund can be created through an outright gift of cash; appreciated properties such as securities or real estate; a realized estate provision; a charitable trust or other life income plan; retirement plan assets; or an insurance policy. Gifts can be pledged over several years.