Senior Legacy Campaign FAQ

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  • Why should I give?
    Tuition and fees have never covered the entire cost of a Richmond education. In fact, tuition only covers about 60% of what it costs to educate a student for one year. The remainder must come from endowment income, corporate and foundation grants, and most importantly, annual gifts from alumni. You have benefitted from the generosity of donors before you during your time at Richmond and making your first gift to the University helps to ensure future Spiders will have access to academic and extracurricular opportunities as you have.
  • Why does my gift matter?

    In addition to providing resources for the University, your gift will increase our donor participation, enabling Richmond to achieve a higher national ranking and ultimately increasing the value of your degree. Higher alumni participation rates also attract more corporate and foundation gifts to the University.

  • Where will my money go?

    Wherever you would like it to go! The Senior Legacy Campaign does not support a specific project, but instead gives each donor the opportunity to support what is most important to them at Richmond. You can direct your gift to academic departments, student services, student organizations, campus initiatives or varsity or club sports, for example. There are hundreds of areas on campus to direct your gift.

    If you don’t specify where you would like to make your gift, it will go to the UR Annual Fund, which supports areas of greatest need.

  • How much do I have to give?

    There is no minimum gift to participate in the Senior Legacy Campaign. The goal is not to raise a specific dollar amount, but to have everyone join together and participate in making a gift and leaving a class legacy at Richmond. 

    A gift of any amount to any area of the university this year (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024) counts you as a donor to the Senior Legacy Campaign.

  • How do I leave my legacy?
  • Who is the Senior Legacy Committee?

    If you would like to find out more about the Senior Legacy Committee, please contact our Instagram page @URSeniorLegacy24 or email the chairs at