Gratitude Day

What is Gratitude Day? 

Gratitude Day invites the Spider community to share something for which we’re grateful, write a letter of gratitude, and celebrate all of the ways we’ve been supported at the University of Richmond.

When is Gratitude Day?  

Our third annual celebration took place on November 3, 2022, both on campus and around the world among the members of our Spider community. The 2023 Gratitude Day date will be announced soon.

Who is a part of Gratitude Day? 

All of us! We all have something — or someone — that gives us a reason to be grateful at Richmond. Whether it's for the thousands of donors who give back every year, a scholarship, the staff, faculty and volunteers who help create an amazing student experience, or a mentor that's helped support us, this is an opportunity to say "thanks."

How can I celebrate Gratitude Day? 

For Spiders on campus, you will have the chance to celebrate with us through giveaways, a chance to help build our "web of gratitude,” free coffee and treats, and more ways to show gratitude for the University of Richmond!

If you’re not on campus, look for a card in the mail that says “This Spider is grateful for:_______.” where you can express your gratitude. Celebrate by filling out the card and sharing it on social media using the hashtag #SpiderPride.