Request for Information (RFI) Form

Information provided from Advancement Systems' data sources is generally to be treated as confidential and may be subject to state and federal privacy protections. Information may be used only for purposes stated in the request and approved by the University of Richmond. Use for any unauthorized purpose, including but not limited to transmission to an unauthorized third party or use for any private, commercial, or political purpose is strictly prohibited.

If your request is for a departmental or unit survey for the purpose of your academic program review, before proceeding, please contact Melanie Jenkins, Lori Schuyler, and Carol Parish.

Please allow a minimum of three weeks for your request to be processed.


  1. If you are connected via wifi or are accessing this page remotely, you must be logged into the University's VPN.
  2. Click into the below linked form.  You will be prompted for a user name and password; this is your Single Sign-On (SSO) login. Once re-directed to the form, your contact information will be pre-populated and you will be able to complete your Request and indicate your agreement to the terms and conditions. Items marked with * are required. Please be as specific as possible in defining the report. This will help us meet your specific needs in the quickest time possible.
  3. Output will vary dependent upon the nature of your request; mailing lists and research files will normally be provided in a Microsoft Excel compatible format as an e-mail attachment.
  4. Once complete, make your request to Advancement Systems by pressing the Submit button. If any required fields are missing, you will receive an error message, otherwise you will receive an automated e-mail response confirming your request has been submitted. Please be aware that it may take a few minutes before the confirmation email arrives. We will contact you to request additional information, as needed.
  5. Please contact Dru Thomas at x8023 or and Amy St. John at x8022 or should you have any questions.

Click here to be directed to the Request for Information (RFI) Form.