Your Reunion Class Gift

All gifts made to any area of the University of Richmond during your reunion's fiscal year (June 30–July 1) will count toward your class's participation rate and dollars raised. You can take part in your class gift by giving online or by phone, mail, stock transfer, through a donor advised fund or foundation, or from your IRA. Visit Ways to Give for more information about all of the ways you can make a gift to Richmond.

See How Your Class Measures Up

Click on your year to see goals, volunteers, staff liaisons, and donor honor roll for your reunion class.

Dollars raised


Class participation 

1974 — 50th reunion $TBD TBD TBD%
1979 — 45th reunion $TBD TBD TBD%
1984 — 40th reunion $TBD TBD TBD%
1989 — 35th reunion $TBD TBD TBD%
1994 — 30th reunion $TBD TBD TBD%
1999 — 25th reunion $TBD TBD TBD%
2004 — 20th reunion $TBD TBD TBD%
2009 — 15th reunion $TBD TBD TBD%
2014 — 10th reunion $TBD TBD TBD%
2019 — 5th reunion $TBD TBD TBD%

*The results above reflect current class gift totals. Participation and dollar trophies are awarded for results achieved through Reunion Weekend.