Calling 2021 Artists and Designers!

Senior artists, designers, and doodlers,

The Senior Legacy Campaign is seeking artwork to celebrate the University of Richmond and its graduating seniors. We intend to release several items featuring the designs of senior artists as part of a commemoration collection. At the end of the semester, we will distribute the collection to all seniors who engage with the Senior Legacy Campaign. We want to recognize the immensely talented artists in our class, encourage participation in the senior legacy campaign, and offer our class something of campus to treasure as we transition to alumni.

The committee seeks artwork and designs related to UR, not necessarily including the text 2021. We are commissioning these items:

  • Glossy art print, 1-2 designs: no suggestions for color or design 
  • Sticker, about 4x4 or less, 1-2 designs: no suggestions for color or design 
  • Engraved mug, 1 design: one color (etching); formal
  • Engraved coaster, about 4x4 or less, 1 design: one color (etching); formal
  • Engraved metal tumbler, 1 design: one color (etching); formal

Other guidelines:

  • Currently, we are looking for submissions only from seniors at UR.
  • Artists can submit more than one design.
  • We encourage you to include a description of the art in your submission. Help us understand the ideas and stories behind your creation! We may get your permission to include your description in our outreach. 
  • Please indicate which item(s) your design would be best suited to. If your design is chosen, we will discuss which item we would like to commission your design for. 
  • Your design does not have to be original work, as long as it is not being used in association with another organization and as long as we have the right to produce and distribute it.
  • You will have an opportunity to lightly revise and touch up your art in light of committee feedback.

We respect and admire the value of our students’ creative work. Selected artists will be compensated for the use of their designs. 

We encourage you to be creative with your design! This is a chance to offer your vision of the identity of the class of 2021. Your design will not just reach the 800 members of the senior class. Through the Senior Legacy Campaign’s outreach, your designs may also reach all of UR as emblems of this class, this year, and this campus. We are especially looking for designs that are thoughtfully connected to campus, are innovative in design, and can be treasured for years to come.

Please submit your designs as JPEG or PNG files to by noon of Sunday, March 21st. Artists should make sure to depersonalize their artwork and description (no names or identifying information) to encourage impartial selection. Artists will be selected by the Senior Legacy Committee with the input of the other members of campus no later than Sunday, March 28th.

Please contact us at if you have any questions. We are excited to celebrate the creativity and artistry of our class!