Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How does a gift in my will work?
    A gift in your will—a charitable bequest—lets you make a gift now that is realized some time in the future. Simply designate in your will that the University of Richmond receives a specific amount or certain property at your death. If you already have a will, your attorney can easily amend it through a codicil. Since a bequest gift is not completed today, you have the opportunity to change the gift arrangement if your needs or goals change. For many of our supporters, a charitable bequest is an ideal way to make a meaningful gift.
  • Can I designate how my gift will be used?
    Yes! An unrestricted gift goes into our general fund to support our overall mission. However, you can choose to designate your gift to be used for a certain program or goal. Simply specify your wishes in a letter of intent, create a Memorandum of Agreement, or write it in the memo portion of your check.
  • I’d like to make a gift but I don’t know if I can make a gift now...
    Whatever your philanthropic goals, planning now is the right thing to do. But planning now does not mean you have to give now. Some of the most meaningful and rewarding gifts are those that can be planned today and completed later. Request an eBrochure for more information.
  • Why is it beneficial to tell the university about my estate plans?
    We want to thank you. Including the university in your estate plans is important and we want to appropriately acknowledge you. We want to ensure that the university can carry out your intentions. By communicating with the university, you help ensure that your assets are put to work how you intend. Also, you can become a member of the Charter Associates Legacy Society. The Charter Associates recognizes those who have helped secure its future by making gifts through their wills and other deferred gifts. The university acknowledges and celebrates members annually as valued supporters.