Development Resources

This page is intended to be a helpful resource for development team members. We encourage you to bookmark this page for links to frequently-used policy documentation, request forms, templates, etc.

Gift & Pledge Documentation

This section contains links to policy and procedure documentation in Box, as well as frequently-used gift agreement templates.

Gift Agreements & Intentions Gift form types and appropriate uses; Review workflow View the P&P
Multi-Year Pledge Multi-year pledge form for gifts to a pre-existing fund View the Template
Unrestricted Scholarship Endowed scholarship with no preferences specified View the Template
Restricted Scholarship Endowed scholarship with preferences specified View the Template
Fellowship Endowed summer fellowship fund View the Template
Planned Gift Notification of deferred gift form View the Template

Donor Engagement Opportunities

The Office of Donor Relations offers helpful tools for sharing stories with, and about, donors.

ThankView Overview What is ThankView and how can it be used? View the P&P
Thankview Request Form Use this form to request a ThankView for your prospect Make a Request
Donor Narrative What is a donor narrative and why are we collecting them? View the P&P
Donor Profile Use this form to recommend a donor for a web profile Make a Recommendation

Other Policies & Procedures

Various other things
Prospects in AG Communications Exclusion of assigned prospects from annual giving communications View the P&P
PPLC Prospects Identification, engagement, and solicitation of parent prospects View the P&P

Donor Collateral

Gift opportunity collateral that might be used for donor meetings.

Scholarships Created December 2020 PDF
Humanities Hub Created June 2021 PDF