Headshot of Robb  Moore, '94

Robb Moore, '94

Assistant Vice President for Advancement Systems
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    Hometown: Martinsville, Virginia

    Education: University of Richmond - B.A. in English Literature (1994); University of Chicago - M.A. in History of Religions (1999)

    Favorite thing about your job and/or working at UR? Playing an important operational role in facilitating philanthropy at my alma mater, which is crucial for offering current and future students the same transformative undergraduate experience that was so pivotal in my own development as a writer, thinker, and citizen contributor 

    Favorite place on campus? Dennis Hall, where I met for the very first time my favorite person on the planet and the love of my life, Heather Krajewski, '94 

    Favorite food and/or Richmond restaurant (on or off campus): Secco Wine Bar, Gersi, Lemaire

    Favorite TV show, podcast, and/or book? TV shows: Station Eleven, Ted Lasso, Six Feet Under, Deadwood; podcasts: Hunting Dog Confidential, Spooked, Up First (NPR), The Daily (NY Times); books: "God: A Biography" by Jack Miles, "Irreducible Mind," eds. Kelly et al., "The Responsible Self" by H. Richard Niebuhr, "The Myth of the Eternal Return" by Mircea Eliade

    Favorite thing to do during your time off? Training and game bird pursuits with our crackerjack bird dog, a Brittany named Lincoln, and sharing our experiences for publication on my blog and with several state and national print and online venues